New Manager starting on 1 June

The Secure Retirement Association is governed by Rules, of which each member is sent a copy on admission.

The responsibility for running Ritchie Court, a non profit making co-operative association rests with the Board of Management which consists of residents elected by residents, and external members chosen for their varying expertise.

The Manager and the Duty Warden are responsible for the day to day running of Ritchie Court.

The Manager's office is open to residents 9.15-10.30am and 12.15-12.45pm weekdays only, and at other times by appointment.

The Wardens office is open 9.15-10.30am and 12.00-12.30pm and again at 4.30-5.00pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday am only and for matters of urgency/emergency at all times.

Ritchie Court does not offer the level of care provided in a nursing home or residential home and it is not part of the Warden's duties to provide help on a continuous or regular basis.

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